Friday, December 2, 2011

Tis the Season.....

For countless cocktail parties, glamour, and ringing in the New Year!

Ladies, it’s all about making a statement these days whether it’s with colors, accessories or patterns, and textures. Sparkle and shine at all your fun-happenings in our latest collection of sequin dresses and tops.

Our new Sheer Sequins tops are a sexy and chic party item. Sequins in the front and a delicate sheer back makes this top a must-own! Wear it your favorite pair of skinny jeans, pencil skirt, or shorts.

Glam-up your wardrobe with Kastle Designs couture and be the fashionista of ball.

Happy Holidays

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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Braxtons spotted in Kastle Designs

Towanda Braxton in Kastle Designs dress!

We love the Braxtons! These ladies are Beautiful,fierce and definitely taking over our TV screens.Above is a pic of Towanda Braxton wearing Kastle Designs drape sleeve burgundy dress styled by Julian Lark.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shop for Kastle Designs in Soho! NOW!

Breaking News: Our fashion collection Kastle Designs are now available in Soho!

Address: 29 prince Street
New York NY 10021

Monday, October 17, 2011

ANTM Allstar Bianca Golden in Kastle Designs and Treasure Chest

Her last name isn't GOLDEN for no reason, we all knew she was gonna be a STAR. AllSTAR America's Next Top Model Bianca Golden shines in barbados wearing fashions from Kastle Designs and accessories from Treasure Chest.She is sassy,classy and embodies everything that KDTC is all about which consist of confidence,ambitious,independent,strong and beautiful.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Shop till you Drop!!!

Kastle Designs and Treasure Chest jewelry are now sold at the department Limelight Market place in Modalistas boutique!so Go and shop shop shop for your shimmer birthday/holiday dress,african print skirts,long dangling earrings and many more from our amazing collection.

Location: 656 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10011
store hours:Mon.-Sat. 10:00a.m.-9:00p.m.
Sun.11:00a.m. -8:00p.m.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dpipertwins showcase for Sync event

On August 11,2011, We showcased our fashion and accessories lines in the 1st annual fashion show fundraiser/launch party event hosted by SYNC.Sync stands for Sickle Cell Youth Network and Connect .It is a non profit organization focused on bringing awareness ,empower and engage with those impacted by sickle cell anemia.All proceeds made from this event was donated to the sickle Cell Disease Association of America(SCDAA) and Sickle Cell Youth Network Connect(Sync).This was an amazing event that we were happy to partake in. Sickle Cell Anemia In the U.S is estimated to have affected 70,000–100,000 people.It is a deadly disease that caused by an abnormal type of hemoglobin called hemoglobin S.People affected by this disease experience breathlessness,bone pains,rapid heart beat,chest pain,fever,chest pains and so much more.Till this day unfortunately there isn't a cure.Being able to collaborate with Sync to raise money for a cause made our day.It was our pleasure to showcase in this fabulous event! The Sync Committee

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dpipertwins model on Good Morning America!

On July 20th, 2011,All of you woke up seeing double when you turned your tv to ABC Good Morning America. We the Dpipertwins along with 2 other set of fabulous twins were modeling summer save/ splurge looks. We had an amazing time.

Twin beauties!We just arrived at ABC studios

us with the beautiful Lori from Lucky magazine

Below is the link of us modeling on Good Morning America

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kastle Designs and Treasure Chest Jewelry showcases at Patricia Field's Shop and Rock event!

Dpipertwins with Patricia Field

On April 20,2011 the Purple Agency and Patricia Field held the shop and Rock event at the Patricia Fields Boutique, which showcased fashions from Kastle Designs and accessories from Treasure Chest. It was hosted by the very own, costume designer, stylist and boutique owner Patricia Fields herself. It was a wonderful opportunity to not only showcase in Patricia's boutique but to meet her and chat about fashion. Patrica is known for extraordinary works in the " Devil Wears Prada", "Ugly Betty", and "Sex in the City". Partaking in this event was a WONDERFUL opportunity because we always dreamed of the day to finally meet her. She is so down to earth, and welcoming . We were elated that she loved and complimented us on our collections,which meant the WORLD and MORE to us.

Music: Fire burns & killin em Remix by Anna Simpson
Video Produceder and Photographer: G.Legare

Dpipertwins with Que from Day26

Dpipertwins with friends/family and Fatima Siad from ANTM

African Beauties

Dpipertwins with Celebrity photographer G.LeGare

Big Shout Out to Everyone at Patricia Field's,and for everyone who joined us this evening. We had a Blast!

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